Why Doesn’t the Cake Rise?

You saw a wonderful recipe or you wanted to make a cake with care. You got up and jogged towards the kitchen. Milk, eggs, flour, sugar… All the necessary ingredients are there. The cake adventure, which started by breaking three eggs into a bowl, continued with the cake being placed in the mold and given to the oven. But the cake that you prepared with so much effort and used so much material, while it was rising magnificently in the oven, suddenly went out. Worse still, it didn’t even rise.

This is very sad, especially if your guests are on the way or if the ones you promised “I’ll make a cake for you” are eagerly waiting to eat that cake. So, why did this cake, which you did all the stages as it should be, go out? Let us be the answer to your questions and the solution to your problems in order to fluff wonderfully and not have a cake popping problem again.

Why does the cake not rise and why does it deflate?

Let’s put an end to those moments when you sadly watch the cake go out after the oven door. It’s good to know the reasons why. There are many reasons why your cake may go out suddenly and never rise. One of the main reasons for this is, of course, temperature changes. No matter how well you made your cake, if you did not heat your oven to the appropriate temperature or if you constantly open and close the oven door during the baking phase, the probability of that cake going out is very, very high.

In the recipes, it is written that you need to preheat your oven to a certain temperature and that you need to cook it at a certain temperature. Bake your cake for the first 20-25 minutes without changing this temperature, by opening the oven door and without temperature changes. Do not suddenly insert a hard object (such as a knife, fork) into the cake in order to check whether the inside is cooked or not in the later stages. Test with a toothpick a maximum of several times. Hard and sharp objects that you touch the cake may cause its consistency to deteriorate. Take care to cook and test this way.

Another reason why the cake does not rise or deflate is your oven itself. The baking performance of the oven, the inability to distribute the heat evenly to all places, the incomplete closing of the door and the problems of keeping the heat inside can cause your cake to go out. It is possible to experience this problem, especially in cakes that you bake in fan programs so that they cook faster. Therefore, be sure to use an oven that emits heat correctly.

Another problem is that the ingredients used in the recipe are stale. Especially the stale egg causes the cake not to rise well. The expiry date of the baking powder or the fact that it has not been stored properly also causes the cake to deflate. Another mistake is to take the cake out as soon as it is baked. In this way, you can see sudden bursts in your cake. Stop deflating, your cake may collapse. But what should we do to avoid these?

Tips for gorgeous puffed cakes

Get to know your oven very well. Understand how it performs at different temperatures. Be sure to start heating your oven by setting it at the temperature specified in the recipe. If it does not perform at this temperature, heat it at the most suitable temperature. Before making the cake, be sure to leave all the ingredients until they come to room temperature. In this way, there will be no temperature differences and your cake will be cooked to the exact consistency you want. Make sure to use your flour by sifting it 2-3 times. The more air it gets, the better. Make sure that the eggs you use are at room temperature.

Beat the eggs very well and beat again with the sugar. You can even whisk the white and yolk separately if you wish. This way it will be more fluffy.

Mix the flour with the help of a spatula by feeding it from bottom to top. Don’t beat. Add the ingredients such as baking powder, which you will put, by sifting them together with the flour. Make the consistency as written in the recipe, never leave more liquid or solid.

Beat the eggs with a mixer. After mixing all the ingredients, add little by little. Do not add all the flour at once. There may be differences in size, your cake may suddenly become very solid. Add the flour to the mortar not by whisking, but by mixing it from bottom to top with the help of a spatula. Squeeze a few drops of lemon to make it more active when you add baking soda, use soda. This way it will rise better. Never try to put a few packets of baking soda in it just to make it rise too much. Do not open at all for 20-25 minutes after putting it in the oven. Do the toothpick test. Let it rest for a while in the oven after cooking. Then enjoy your cakes.

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Why Doesn’t the Cake Rise
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