Why Does the Top of the Cake Crack While Baking?

There are very few things in life that give the happiness of that cake mortar that smells like vanilla. We have a lot to tell about the smell that spreads to the house when it is in the oven. They are one of the recipes for happiness. We have shared with you many tricks of these flavors, which are guests of our tea hours, breakfasts and snacks in all their varieties. Now you have control over many details of why it doesn’t swell, from the secrets of its swell to the secrets.

Now it’s time to explain that cracking thing that happens during baking. When our cakes go into the oven, they rise during the baking time. They also crack slightly. Even in the middle of some of them, huge cracks and openings occur. But why does this happen.

Why Does the Top of the Cake Crack While Baking

Why does the top of the cake crack while baking?

As soon as you throw your cake in your ovens heated to 350 degrees, your cake starts to bake from the outside first. As the cakes in the cake molds are baked, their outer parts become hard. When the outsides are fully cooked, the heat gradually spreads to the inside. Air and liquids expand gradually, and when this happens, they begin to not fit inside the container. As it cannot find space, it begins to expand and swell upwards. As it swells and expands, cracks begin to form on it. If there is a slight liquid coming out of them, it means that the temperature is too high or your cake batter is not in its full consistency. However, if the inner parts of the cracks are dry, you can understand that your cake is cooked.

Why does the top of the cake crack while baking?

The situation is different for cakes baked on a tray or in my pyrex. Since they have a larger area, the heat is spread evenly over a much larger area and very slight cracks are formed on them. Because we can say that the baking time of each part of the cakes on the tray or in my pyrex is almost the same. The reason for the cracking on it is that the amount of liquid has escaped too little or the temperature has been too high.

Sponge cakes and sponge cakes are at the top of the cakes we want to have the least cracks. The reason why these cakes already have very few cracks is that the amount of eggs in them is quite high. However, if you want a smooth texture, you can cook them at a slightly lower temperature for longer.

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Why Does the Top of the Cake Crack While Baking
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