What to do so that the cake is not dry

The main goal of all of us is to prepare cakes that swell as they rise and envelop the whole house with their fragrant smell from the moment we put them in the oven. In the cake recipes we started for this purpose, sometimes our cake does not rise as we wish, it stays a little full. We feel that it is dry when we eat it, its consistency is better than bread. There are a number of reasons for the moments when we cannot catch that soft texture we are looking for. You want your cakes not to be dry inside and to have soft textures, and you must learn the reasons for this. If you ask “What can I do so that the cakes do not stay dry”, you are at the right address! Let’s share all the secrets with you.

What can be done so that the cake is not dry?

The most basic and most important rule is to use all the materials you will use before preparing the mortar at room temperature. When the ingredients at different temperatures come together in the cake batter, it prevents your cake from rising in a delicious way and having a soft consistency. Another of the most important reasons behind the dryness of the cake is that the dry ingredients are not used in the right proportion and form. Cake mortar is a mortar that cooks slowly when it is thrown in the oven and regains its consistency, and after it cools down, its consistency fits perfectly. For this reason, when preparing your cakes, make sure to measure the setting of liquid ingredients and dry ingredients, and do not add them by eye. Make sure to sift the dry ingredients in a separate bowl and add them to the liquid ingredients.

By adding the dry ingredients to the liquid ingredients, be especially careful that the consistency of the cake is not too thick. The consistency of the cake batter should be neither too thick nor too thick. It should be in a form that can be easily transferred to the mold with its fluid consistency. If it has a thick consistency, your cake will dry out and its flavor may not be as light as you want even if it is cooked inside. If you have experienced such a problem with your cake batter, make sure to make its consistency a little more fluid with oil or milk supplement during the preparation stage.

What to do so that the cake is not dry

If you are going to use butter in the mortar, its consistency may still be a little drier and fuller. When making butter cake mortars, add a little oil to improve their consistency. When making cocoa cake batter, reduce the amount of flour by a few spoons, because cocoa thickens the mixture a little bit more. Apart from these, let’s come to the things you need to pay attention to during the cooking process. Sometimes you may be cooking your cake more than it should be. In these cases, your cake loses its slightly moist texture and dries out. For this reason, we recommend that you do not bake your cake too long outside of the times specified in the recipes. Slice the cakes after they have rested at room temperature. In order to prevent them from drying out while storing, always wrap them in greaseproof paper and store them in freezer bags or in the refrigerator. Thanks to these methods, your cakes will no longer have a dry consistency. Good luck to you already!

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What to do so that the cake is not dry
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