Unicorn Birthday Cake

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Unicorn Birthday Cake

Ingredients for Unicorn Birthday Cake:

Ingredients base:
600 g cake base flour
375 g eggs (7-8 eggs depending on size)
45 g water

Ingredients for the cake border:
250 g sponge mix for sponge rolls
200 g egg (approx. 4 eggs)
50 g water

Filling ingredients:
1 sachet Kirsch cream stand
750 g whipped unsweetened cream
190 g water 77°F

Ingredients decoration:
1 kg white fondant
400 g icing (egg white base)
200 g flower paste / modelling paste gold
250 g fondant -black-
Food colouring gel pink
30 pieces wedding filigree
150 g apricot jam


2 sponge cake bases:

Preheat the oven to 400°F top/bottom heat.

Prepare the cake base according to the instructions.

Cover two cake rings with baking paper and spread half of the sponge mixture in each ring.

Preheat the oven to 400°F top/bottom heat.

Bake the bases for approx. 25-30 minutes and leave to cool.

2 roulades for the cake border:
Preheat the oven to 430°F top/bottom heat.

Prepare the roulade mixture for two roulades according to the instructions.

Spread the mixture on 2 baking sheets lined with baking paper, bake at 430°F for 5-10 minutes and leave to cool.

Put the cake layers in place:
Cut the sponge cake bases once each to make 4 bases.

Cut the sponge cake bases into 6cm wide strips.

Place the first sponge cake base in a cake ring and place a roulade strip around the edge.

Mix the cream stand with water and fold in the whipped cream.

Pour half of the cream into the cake ring and place the second sponge cake base on top.

Make the second sponge cake in the same way and put both cakes in the fridge for 2 hours.

Knead the gold coloured flower paste and roll into a tapered strand (for the horn).

Cut two smaller pieces from this strand for the ears.

Wrap the strand from top to bottom on a wooden spoon, loosen carefully and let it dry a little.

For the ears, roll out the white fondant to 3 mm, cut out two curved triangles.

Model two smaller triangles for the ears with the golden flower paste, moisten with a little water and stick to the white ears.

Assemble the cakes:
Remove the cakes from the rings and place one of them on a cake stand.

Boil the apricot jam in a saucepan to make the apricot glaze.

Spread a thin layer of apricot glaze on one cake and place the second cake on top.

Spread the remaining apricot glaze over the entire cake.


Roll out the white fondant and cover the cake with it.

Mix the icing with the water and whisk.

Place 1/3 of the icing in a second bowl, seal airtight and set aside for sticking and decorating.

Spread a very thin layer of piped icing over the cake to create a vibrant surface.

Transfer the cake to a cake plate.

Pipe the wedding filigree onto the bottom of the cake with icing.

Add the horn and the ears.

Mix the icing with a little food colouring gel pink and pipe onto the cake using a piping bag, star nozzle and hole nozzle.

Colour the icing more and more and pipe a few dots at a time as a mane.

Form a roll of the black fondant, cut the ends and stick them onto the cake as eyes.

Chill again before serving.

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Unicorn Birthday Cake
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