How to Raise the Easiest Cake

Everyone who tries recipes that make life easier in the kitchen needs a lot. There are some tricks that both improve the taste of the recipe you make and allow you to obtain much more delicious consistency. Speaking of consistency, it is actually the easiest to fix, but cakes are one of the recipes that everyone has a lot of problems with in the kitchen. The inside of the cakes is not fully cooked, does not rise, even if it rises, it may collapse when taken out of the oven. There may be cases where the desired puff puff has risen, and the appearance of a perfectly baked cake is not captured. If you say “Whatever I did, the consistency of my cake did not turn out the way I wanted”, your problems will disappear after you learn these tricks and baking methods. Let the cake molds be oiled, the ovens heated. We’re going to make yummy cakes.

The easiest ways to raise cakes

The most important and basic rule of cake baking is to beat eggs correctly and to use them in the right ratio. As a result of choosing the right egg, the temperature of the eggs and their good whisking, you will have no obstacle to have your magnificent cakes. Keep your eggs at room temperature, do not make cakes with cold eggs. Cakes made with cold eggs do not rise as desired. Then, if you wish, you can separate your eggs into yolks and whites and whisk them separately. In this way, you can prepare cake mortars, or you can whip the eggs with sugar without separating them. Take care to beat the eggs whipped with sugar until they become foamy and have a creamy texture. The better you beat, the better your cake will rise.

One of the best ways to make the cake rise after the egg is to use soda, that is, mineral water. You will see that it suddenly foams as soon as it enters the mortar. This effect is also shown in the baking sodas. It will make your cake rise as soft and big as a sponge. We are sure that you will want to use it in all your recipes when you observe how the cakes using soda rise in a delicious way.

Watch out here! For an epic cake consistency, do not forget to sift all your dry ingredients a few times. Dry ingredients that you sift at least 2 times make your cake rise more easily and reduce the risk of remaining raw inside. Since dry materials are sieved, it integrates very easily with liquid materials. Again, do not forget to use all dry ingredients at room temperature. You can also prepare the mortar for your cakes with the water you obtain while making yogurt or kefir. They also have softening and embossing effects.

In general, baking powder is used in cake mortars, but thanks to the baking soda, the cakes rise very well. Do not forget to add acidic materials such as lemon juice or soda in your cake mortars where you will use baking soda. In this way, the baking soda becomes more active and fluffs your cake nicely. In all recipes, we use the high setting of the oven as a habit, but temperatures between 340-350 degrees are quite ideal for the cakes to rise well. Take care to heat your ovens at these settings. With these tricks, your cakes are much fluffier. Good luck to you already!

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How to Raise the Easiest Cake
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