5 tips for the best cakes

What should I do to make the cake soft?

Indispensable pastries and cakes, which find their place in almost all cultures, bring together different tastes and create a festive atmosphere on the palate. The preparation of this delicious food, which adorns tea hours with its different options ranging from cocoa to coconut, is as enjoyable as eating it. It is possible to produce extremely delicious products with the tricks of making a good cake.

Baking cakes is a mixture of culinary art and science. It is a job that requires a lot of attention. It is the first condition not to overlook the small details in order to make a cake with a soft like cotton inside and a crunchy crust on the outside.

These details include whipping time and shape, temperatures and types of materials used. However, since there are many different varieties developed in pastry, the consistency of the cake also varies. One of the primary rules of baking cakes is to whisk the dough until it reaches the right consistency. The denser and more accurate the air bubbles are, the more beautiful and silky the product will be.

Of course, this does not mean that you need to whip the cake too much. At this point it is important to turn to instincts. For the cake to have the right texture, the whipping time must be short enough not to cause the cake to collapse and long enough to rise well.

Tips for Making a Fluffy Cake

If you want to conquer hearts with a beautiful pastry you will make for your guests, family or colleagues, the tricks of making fluffy cakes are important for you. What you need to do after entering the kitchen and rolling up your sleeves is quite simple, but also critical.

  • To make a cake, first of all, the ingredients must be added in the correct order. If the order of the ingredients is changed, the consistency of the cake will not hold.
  • It is also important that the material used with the row is at a temperature close to each other for making cakes. If eggs are used at room temperature, milk and oil kept at the same temperature will help the cake to reach its proper shape in a much shorter time.
  • In addition, adding the added ingredients slowly and sparingly will help preserve the air in the cake, so it is important to make a well-fluffed cake.
  • While the liquid ingredients added at the first stage should be whipped at high speed, the cake batter should be mixed more slowly and carefully after adding dry ingredients such as baking powder and flour. Especially after adding flour, it would be a very appropriate choice to use a wooden spoon instead of a mixer or whisk. The cake, which is mixed with great movements by being aerated, begins to rise shortly after it enters the oven.
  • In addition, it is important that the cake is sifted absolutely while adding the flour, so that the cake can rise in an airy way.
  • When the dough is molded and baked in a short time after it is mixed, the possibility of deflating the cake is minimized. Thus, your cake will be as soft as cotton.
  • Another factor that should not be forgotten is the oven temperature. Preheating the oven before making the cake always works best. Preheated oven phrase is vital for the cake. Tips for different types of cakes also vary.
  • Another secret of puff puff cakes is the amount of flour. If you add more or less flour than the amount of flour in your recipe, you can prevent it from rising to its full consistency.
  • One of the things you need to pay attention to when making a cake is to add flour in full measure.

Tips for Making Sponge Cakes

  • The tricks of making sponge cakes are whisking the egg white well and sifting the flour and adding it in a few times. The key to the perfect sponge cake is to mix the egg whites in a separate bowl like snow and the yolks in another bowl until they have a creamy consistency and add these two mixtures together with great care.
  • Since the cake must be cooked at the right temperature so that it does not deflate, it is also important to adjust the temperature when making sponge cakes. High temperatures cause the cake to collapse instantly, while insufficient temperature causes its texture to deteriorate completely. After all these are taken into account, if the tricks of making a beautiful cake are known, it becomes possible to make a perfect sponge cake.
  • It is important that the cake mold is well lubricated. If it is too oily, the cake batter will stick to the oil and lose its spongy consistency. You can pay attention to the lubrication of the mold in a thin layer.
Tips for Making Soft Cakes

Tips for Making Soft Cakes

  • In order to make a soft cake that disperses in the mouth, the ratio of ingredients should be well determined. The ingredients that make the cake soft or dry are of course wet ingredients like milk and butter.
  • The tricks of making soft cakes are to use the right amount of oil and to set the baking time correctly. A cake with less oil will be drier and harder than normal.
  • However, the cake that has gained fat texture disperses in the mouth, leaving a soft feeling.
  • In addition, placing the cake without heating the oven also paves the way for the cake to dry.
  • Another element among the tricks of making delicious cakes is to operate the oven without a fan. Since the air flow inside is reduced, the cake stays more moist in the oven that works without a fan and thus has a softer texture.
  • Not to overdo the amount of flour, as well as the amount of oil, is among the tricks of making soft cakes. Finding the perfect ratio between wet and dry materials is also very important.
  • If you are looking for a more moist texture than normal, placing the cake mold in the oven on a tray filled with water is another method. However, if this method is not applied delicately, the cake may lose all its volume in a short time.

Tips for Making a Cake in a Pot

There are some tricks of making cakes in the mold, as well as some special methods for pot cakes.

  • The first of these is to wet the cake layer remaining on the floor with water so that the cake and cream can mix well.
  • In addition, the pressure to be applied must be adjusted correctly so that the pool created at the bottom does not have a pasty texture. Apart from that, the tricks of making a good cake are also valid for pot cakes.
  • The fact that the pan is Teflon and non-stick will also affect the flavor of the cake.
  • You should avoid using pots with an old base. Because if you make pancakes using this type of pan, you should be ready to compromise the taste of the product.
  • In non-stick and non-flammable pans, you can bake perfect cakes in every attempt.

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5 tips for the best cakes

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